After Sales Repairs and Maintenance

From the very beginning of our operations, we were very keen on presenting the best to our clients – first-class products, the most professional after sales service, ensure that we are offering them a complete service from A to Z.

For this purpose, the company owns and operates three workshops:

• 500 sq. mts. facility for repairs and maintenance of light construction equipment and pumps.
• 800 sq. mts. building for repair and maintenance of generators, fully equipped for maintenance, overhauling, diagnostics and with    3 load banks – 1000KW, 200KW and 20 KW, 10-ton gantry crane, fork lift trucks etc. and fully equipped diesel center for testing     and calibration of fuel pumps and injectors.
• 1000 sq. mts. facility specialized for repairs and maintenance of heavy equipment in Amghara.

The company owns two warehouses – 800 sq. mts. in Shuwaikh Industrial Area and  2 nos. of 2500 sq. mts. yards and workshop in Amghara for storage and pre-delivery inspection, repair and maintenance of heavy equipment.

The company has a fully equipped fleet of service and maintenance vehicles to offer 24x7 on-call service support to the customers.