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10 October, 2018
Venue: Shuwaikh

Al-Sultan and Khalaf Trading Company held a special ceremony in order to announce the launch of three new models of the Chinese truck manufacturing company, Sinotruk.
The ceremony took place at Al-Sultan and Khalaf’s workshop in Shuwaikh. In addition to Mr. Cheng Yong Ru, the Economic & Commercial Counselor of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Jerry Wang, the Business Manager of Sinotruk International and Mr. Pierre Khalaf, the Managing Director of Al-Sultan & Khalaf Trading Co., the event was attended by a large number of dignitaries from the construction industry including transport companies, rental and leasing companies, logistics companies, and food distribution companies.
Throughout the event, the company introduced to Kuwait their new Sinotruk tractor head model SITRAK C7H and their utility truck model HOWO T5G and J5G.
During the ceremony, speeches on the development of trade relations between Chinese companies and their Kuwaiti counterparts were delivered. In addition, it was disclosed that Chinese industrial products have been witnessing an increase in demand in Kuwait thus proving their effectiveness in terms of competitive pricing and quality. 
Al-Sultan and Khalaf’s employees gave the audience an explanation of the three new Sinotruk models’ advantages. In addition, they introduced the technical capabilities and market price of the exceptional mechanisms. Furthermore, they discussed the after-sales service, such as maintenance, spare parts, and so on. 
After extensive research on the Kuwaiti market and its needs, Al-Sultan and Khalaf have chosen to introduce the country to Sinotruk’s SITRAK C7H, HOWO T5G and J5G models. The company feels confident that these exceptional trucks will meet the diverse needs of Kuwaiti contractors as well as companies in industries such as construction, transport, food distribution, logistics, and others as well.
Sitrak Launch
Sitrak Launch


Sitrak Launch
Sitrak Launch
About Sinotruk
Founded in 1956, Sinotruk is China’s first heavy duty truck manufacturer. In 2009, the company established a strategic partnership with German MAN Group and has always found opportunities for growth. Sinotruk is a leader in the industry that has a strong reputation in the international market. The company introduced various truck models that come in various sizes and that serve different functions. These trucks are characterized by their durability, use of modern technology, and competitive prices.
Over the years, Sinotruk has generated variety of models comprising of heavy duty truck, medium duty truck, light duty truck, mining dump truck, special-purpose vehicle and bus, and covering SITRAK, HOWO, STEYR, HUANGHE, GOLDEN PRINCE, HOHAN, WANGPAI, FULO brands.
Sinotruk has achieved substantial sales in China and internationally whereby it has exported products to over 90 countries. The company has been ranked as first in the industry for 12 consecutive years thus earning an accreditation as the national vehicle export base by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce.
Today, Sinotruk has developed into China’s largest heavy duty truck manufacturing base and has made significant contributions to the development of the country’s heavy duty truck industry and national economic growth.